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Gredičak-plast, owner Katarina Gredičak, has prepared this Privacy Statement to inform all our buyers, clients, users of our products and services, but also our suppliers of goods and services, business partners and associates about our Privacy Policy. The protection of your personal data is an important concern for us. Contact us for all information and complaints concerning Your privacy:

Contact person: Katarina Gredičak
Telephone: 00385 49 282 952
Address: Gredičak-plast, Zagrebačka 12a, HR-49244 Stubičke Toplice, Croatia

Please read carefully this Privacy Statement, to find out how do we collect Your personal data, what we do with it, for what purposes and on what legal basis this is done, and particularly about rights and claims associated with it for You.


Your right is to control if and in what way we collect and use Your personal data

You have the right of access to Your personal data, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to restriction of processing, right to data portability, right to make complaints and objections to us or to AZOP – Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

If You believe Your rights concerning collecting and using Your personal data are violated, if You need further information or You want to use any of Your rights on personal data protection, please contact us:


How do we collect Your personal data

We collect Your personal data by personal contact, by telephone, e-mail and exceptionally in a different way (publicly available information like websites of the company You work for, newspaper articles and similar).


What personal data about You we collect and use

Your personal data we collect, manage and use are:

We will not gather any personal data that are not strictly relevant for our core business, nor any information that can violate Your privacy (sensitive data such as Your religion, marital status, health condition and similar).


Why do we collect and use Your personal data (legal basis)

Gredičak-plast collects and uses Your personal data when necessary for purposes of


Who has access to Your personal data

Access to Your personal data have employees of Gredičak-plast.

All our employees are obligated to protect confidentiality of all personal data in our storage, to use those data only for legal purposes in accordance to our Privacy Statement, not to deliver or transfer data to unauthorised party, and to guard and protect confidentiality even after leaving the company. All employees of Gredičak-plast sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

Your personal data that are in our possession are shared with third party only when needed for

and when it is necessary to use a third party for

Gredičak-plast checks reliability of third parties. All third parties are provided with instructions they have to follow, and if necessary, a Confidentiality Agreement is delivered. 

Gredičak-plast will not sell, transfer or give Your personal data to a third party in a way that is not mentioned in this Statement.


How do we protect Your personal data

Your personal data are considered a trade secret. We are doing all we can to protect Your personal data, including technological and organizational security measures. Gredičak-plast is continually working on confidentiality policy, within our company and with involved third parties.

If it does come to a violation of personal data, there is a determent procedure. We will, if possible, no latest than 72 hours, report the violation to AZOP – Croatian Personal Dana Protection Agency, except where it is not likely that the violation will present  a risk for rights and liberties of an individual. If the report is not made within 72 hours, reasons for the delay will be reported as well. All violations are registered in our internal database.


What information about You can we gather when You visit our websites

You can visit our websites (, without revealing Your personal data, like Your name or contact information. However, some information are gathered automatically:



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